24 June 2009


The janitor in the company vend us fried peanuts everyday.Although, it is forbidden in the company's code of conduct we told the janitor to hide the fried peanuts in his bag secretly.This is against company code but its a decent job to earn extra money for living. We are just pity to the janitor because he is already living alone.His mother and father was already passed away while his brothers and sisters are living in the province with own families.Today,I missed the peanuts because I did not see him in the production area early this morning.Everyone of us are asking the janitor work schedule. As,I get a chance to talk his peers they told me that his duty was already in the night shift.oh well, Next week is our transition time so I can get in touch to this guy again for his fried peanuts.


chubskulit said...

I am also an addict to peanut kaso we cant buy any peanut now because my son is allergic to it..

Ria said...

Hi Yub,

Here's a Friday tag for you. Have fun!

Lindz said...

eh masarap naman kasi ang peanuts eh lalo na pag sinangag or ginisa di ba, namimiss ko nga eh, at lalo na kung ang gumawa eh mabait din katulad ng janitor nyo na dapata kumita ng extra.. you have a good heart.