23 June 2009

Do you love to travel?

There are families who loved to trek especially summer even if they have kids.It is complex to travel if you bring two or three kids.right?I have a friend with three kids.The youngest is only two year old while the eldest is six year old.In the subdivision we have an overnight summer get together affair in a resort.It is four hours travel from our place.It is quiet far but the place is relaxing and nice!My friend bring her three kids.I am already expecting it because I saw her with pink kids packpacks as she lug for her family personal things. I like the style of the bag it is durable with magnetic snap and comfy shoulder straps so she don't complain the weight of the bag.

I search a toddler backpacks for my niece which has the same style. I want to give on her birthday as my gift.My friend bought those stuffs online.She chose a very good website in buying those belongings.The price is affordable and it save time and effort going to the mall.The site offer also personlized items for gifts !

The funny idea that a friend bought is a nap mat for the kids. She bring it in the resort so that if the kids will fall asleep she let them sleep beside her while she play cards with us for fun.She has no nannie but her husband give way to take care of the kids.The nap mat is available in different colors.In my opinion it is better to buy a unisex color like in the picture .It look likes a small
traveling bag only with a price of 42 dollars.

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