21 June 2009

My Pets Enemy

I have pets in the house a dog,cat and rabbit.I love pets in opposite of my neighbor.Early in the morning kitty go to their yard.The woman throw small stones to kitty so, kitty run away.She always do that when she see a dog or kitty besides the pets does not harm her.I don't know why she hate my pets.My good friend in the other lot told me that my neighbor want to kill my dog because the dog is noisy.My goodness! The job of a dog is to bark.I can't stop it .The doggy has a cage its clean and I took her a bath everyday.I am pity to doggy because she cannot play outside anymore because neighbor get angry and she always throw something to hit the dog.ngrrr...What kind of attitude is this woman ? I don't like trouble my next plan is to put a wall on their side so that she can't see my pets anymore.


chubskulit said...

My goodness, she's a cruel neighbor!

Ria said...

maybe you should report her to the barangay or to PETA group who looks after the welfare and safety of animals, if there is any in the Phils.