17 June 2009

Discomforts of Pregnancy

The pregnant mom is lucky enough if she does not experienced morning sickness and food aversion during first trimester of pregnancy.In my family, I notice it is tough to handle pregnancy maybe because of late marriage issue. The woman in late 30's need attention and health care provider to secure pregnancy status.Just like my mother she give birth to me at the age of 37 .whew! I'm not a menopausal baby.lol.I have still a brother unfortunately God taken him from us in 7months old. I have read a clippings in the house regarding ways to minimize pregnancy discomfort.

For Morning Sickness:
This may occur not only in the morning but any time of the day and often subsides after first trimester.

What to Do:
  • Avoid offensive smells,since they can trigger nausea
  • Figure out what foods or beverages ease your nausea and eat them.
  • Keep your bedroom window open at least one to two inches when sleeping
  • Get enough fluids
  • Don't allow yourself to get too angry

Food Aversions:
The time that you cannot stand the sight or smell of a certain food.It may even be a food that you loved and ate regularly.

What To do:
  • Don't be concerned unless you can't stomach an entire food group
  • If possible leave the cooking to someone else and stay away from food preparation areas
  • Try eating foods cold or at room temperature since the aroma will be minimized.

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