17 June 2009

My Denture

I have my denture since second year high school .My teeth is defective because I am fond of eating chocolate.My mother provide vitamin C but it's not enough to save my tooth because the dentist visit us once a quarter only.My tooth is a big problem since I started in high school. I change my denture every other year because my tooth get defective one at a time and if extraction was done I can't use my denture anymore.It is expensive.
Yesterday, I eat a kropeck (chicharon baboy). I am craving it.I feel bad because my denture broke.I immediately go to the dentist near the house for repair.The dentist told me that my denture is only made a cheap kind of plastic material.I told him "it's a US plastic".He told me " it is not a US plastic because if it is made of US plastic it will not broke into two ".I guess so.Becuase, it last only for two years.

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Lindz said...

so sorry to hear about your tooth... wag na lang kain ng chicharon kaya... eat yogurts and drink plenty of milk for strong bones, our teeth are bones too you know.