17 June 2009


This post is no sense to people without head lice while others are experiencing and taken it in serious treatment.Head lice and dandruff both itches the scalp.My cousin is prone of head lice.I really don't know what causes head lice.We have the same shampoo and conditioner.She always complain as she itches her head.I bought her a head lice shampoo but still it did not work.My workmate chat me what she done to treat her head lice. She use detergent soap only,no shampoo and conditioner.Then rub her head using white towel to see the head lice that is being remove in the hair.I hope this is effective to cousin too.

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Lindz said...

I remember when I was in high school one of my classmate had it and she was sittingin front me, kitang kita ko mga lisa at kuto nya...

nowadays madami ng pampaalis niyan eh punta ka lang sa chemist yung medicated ha... doctor says ang lisa kuto daw eh gustong gusto ng malilinis na hair..