1 January 2009


What I did in holiday ?

find my shoes and attend the new years eve mass

Take pictures,I feel glad to have a digital cam last 2008.Lucky enough to avail a discount.
The only fountain we have..lol ...

my favorite cake.. tata owe this to buy for me

youngest cousin present in here
she is busy putting mallows in hotdog

of course,the boys 24 hours inuman and video oki time

notice,I don't have pic to post because I am the one taking pictures lol...this year hopefully to buy a tripod stand.


MarlyMS said...

Happy New Year to you!


Anonymous said...

ha! good for you...i also needed a new cam just before christmas because we dropped my old cam on the floor...sob...sob

bisaja said...

I miss Christmas and New Year back home. Everybody is in their festive mood, despite the crisis. Holidays in the PH is way fun than anywhere in the world. Atleast for me.

Ria said...

cute shoes Yub!