4 January 2009

New Years TAG

Got this tag from Madz and Chelle, thanks for sharing this to me my dear! I have never thought about it yet, not just yet, of any New Year's Resolution - making up my mind of what to change or make better though.. uuummmm not quite, shall I be serious about it?... Well, until I got this award, I have to get serious about it! lol....

My 5 New Year's Resolution
1.I will limit my overtime at work and refresh auto cad lesson at home.

2. I will wake up early especially during working days because it takes me two rides to catch up the shuttle bus :-)

3.I will pay the house every 15th and 30th of the month so that I will not suffer stretching my budget during bills payment.

4. I will visit my dermatologist quarterly for my allergy check up. nwayz, it is covered in my health card plus I have my medical reimbursement this year

5.I will give time in my blog at least twice a week..

Do you have your own new year's resolution too? Let me hear it from LINGZ ; PORAY; CAROL;LAURA

1 comment:

Madz said...

Hey sistah, wow!! uumm make sure to do all of them huh... hahaha joke.. anyway, for as long as we give time to ourselves, then we'll be alright...

mwha mwah mwah