4 October 2008

What a Chance!

I decided to have a duty to update my charts at work because it's already end of the quarter.
The computer lab was open and only few do their updates because its saturday.There is a lot of available computer for us.One of my workmate find out that there is an internet connection which the IT didn't permit us to connect other server .This is unusual! mmmhhh...I get a chance to update blog and charts...lol...I do rounds to all my blog list .Update my entrecard, leave a message to my friends.see? I can't believe I get a chance to make up all of you guys/gals!! To those site that I rarely visit,, you know now that I am still existing and never forget to drop your site.


artofreed said...

Thank you, for remember me, your friend on your blog.

chubskulit said...

Wow, that's very nice! That's what am looking for in my work hahaha unfortunately we're not allowed to use 'em..

BTW, I have a new baby that has born today so if you have free time, please do visit and add it too.. i'll addyou up there.. thank you..

drpped ec here