7 October 2008

Snack Time

I am craving of peach mango filled bun today.During snack time at work I do usually buy two pieces of fried banana coated with white sugar.One of my friend from other shift join us in the table.She handed me one piece of fun bun with peach mango filling.It is yummy!! I really like the taste and its cheaper than banana or small piece oatmeal bar . I like to have in my snack time,so one piece of banana and a peach mango bun will do.Since, I am craving today I had a piece of bun after lunch , snack time and a piece also to bite on my way home.see?? This is how I crave ..lol..
Anyone,who love to bake or cook a peach mango filled bun here? Can I ask a simple...home made recipe?

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