1 October 2008


I get annoyed of tata in the mall.I was in the pink girl section looking for a hair clip for me and my cousin.I am very choosy of a clip.I want pretty clip for my new hair style. After, I pay my bill.I cannot find tata anymore.He send me a message but I cannot find the sports house he was talking and my legs are tired already.My mobile was having trouble in catching up signal so better to wait him in the exit area.I was standing for almost 30 mins.I am about to leave in the mall until I see tata carrying two pieces of plastic bag and he is smiling at me.He know that I get irritated in him.When, I see the plastic it was a dumbells! mmmhh...I thought he don't mind of his weight and muscles.When we arrived home .I was surprised he told me his next project is a treadmill.Because, I am planning to buy one too..so no need to budget about it anymore.

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