30 September 2008

Mixed Bad and Happy Day!

I wake up early in the morning because I have an overtime duty at work.I feel glad that my cousin had already cook a food for our breakfast, which means he wake up earlier than 4:00 am .We did our breakfast around 4:30am in the morning.This will be our schedule since we are now in day shift at work.After, breakfast I do have to prepare for going to work, I feel that my stomach suddenly get upset and I have visit the comfort room twice in just a few minutes.So, I decided not to have a duty today.I get rest and take medicine.
What makes my day happy is I have receive my first payment in payperpost.Thanks to PPP!!! I hope I can catch opps again so that I can treat my family in coming here to manila.

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ckulit said...

yipppppeeeee, paboogoo ka naman dyan hehehe...