28 September 2008

Minimize your Jet Lag

Jet lag is discomforts that air travel experience after a trip that carries them across five or more zones.This is caused by several factors that disturb body's equilibrium.Here is how to minimize or prevent jet lag:

During Flight:

1.Take fluids liberally (water is best ) dehydration aggravates symptoms of jet lag

2.Avoid alcohol and coffee

3.Perform statics exercise for arms,legs ,and trunk muscles while seated.Alternately, walk up and down the aisle of the airplane every one or two hours.

4.Do not overeat

5.Time your sleep to coincide with nighttime in your place of destination.Use aids such as blindfolds,ear plugs,neck rests and pillows to help you sleep.

On Arrival:

1.If you arrived during the day,stay outdoors and keep awake till nightfall,to reset your body clock.

2.If you arrive at night,get some sleep but wake up at daybreak and stay awake during the day,to facilitate the first few nights after arrival.

1 comment:

faye said...

i experienced jet log nakakaluko as in, 3 nites cant sleep. and pag balik naman super hilo ako more than a week...