2 August 2008


When, I moved to my house I wanted to have pets either cat or a puppy and place in the ground orchids or flowering plants that will create beauty outside.
For the past week I notice there is always a white kitty visit the house especially during our mealtime. after meal, she come across in the windowpane and says : meow!!meow!! means,she is asking something .I handed her our leftovers every time after meal.
So, I decided to buy a dogie along the market place in alabang.We name her as "puppy"I had a hard time taking care of puppy because she doesn't eat well .If we give him hot dog or meat she eat a lot.Tata, usually dropped in the barbecue stand along our way home. After, a few weeks puppy get sick my workmate told me to mix combatrin tablet in the food.Good puppy get well easily and we can save now because .. she eat already our leftovers but sometimes she gotta still have her barbecue stick...

puppy here at 3months ..
when mother had a vacation in the house..she always bring puppy to accompany her walking early in the morning ;)

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