3 August 2008

Carrot Juice

Today, we notice fresh fruit juices stand in the mall already.Usually mango juice,orange/ponkan juice,pineapple juice etc. It is atypical if we glimpse a carrot juice in every refreshing juice stand.
Asian attitude of being innovative is marvelous.It is our pleasure to conceive a product to the market which customers attract to try.
Different food establishments have been looking for ways to make carrot juice more palatable.Here are some fruit juice with carrot:Can we try this @ home ?
Carrot+Ginger + Apple =helps boost and cleanse our system
Tomato+Carrot + Apple = improve skin complexion and eliminate bad breath
Carrot+Apple+Pear+Mango = clear body health,counteracts toxicity,decrease blood pressure and fight oxidation.
In the Philippines I see a carrot juice in Healthy Shabu Shabu a fruit stand in shoe mart. They had already introduce carrot juice to their customers. Carrot juice provides an appetizing health drink loaded with vitamins A,B,C,D,E and K , minerals also like calcium,potassium and protein.These are essential in maintaining vital organs normal functioning and improves physical appearance by promoting healthy skin,hair and nails.Carrot juice also is good for breastfeeding moms because it improves the quality of breast milk.

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