4 August 2008

Do I have a failing Relationship?

Here are some questions to test How healthy your Marriage Is? Easy to do.Simply answer true or false then score yourself at the conclusion by counting the number of True answers:

1.I can list my partner's major aspirations and hopes of life.
2.I know my partner's current major worries.
3.I know the three most special times in my partners life.
4.I can easily list the three things I most admire in my partner.
5.I often touch or kiss my partner affectionately.
6.Our sex life is generally satisfying.
7.I look forward to spending my free time to my partner.
8.My partner tells when he or she has had a bad day.
9.My partner is one of my befriend.
10.I am genuinely interested in my partners opinion.
11.I usually learn a lot from my partner even if he or she disagree.
12.I feel i have an important say when we make decisions.
13.I can admit that I am wrong.
14.Even when we disagree, we can maintain a sense of humor.
15.My partner is good as soothing me when I get upset.
16.My partner and I are good team.
17.When we argue, winning is not my objective.
18.I accept that there are issues we will never resolve.
19.We share many similar values in our roles as partner.
20.We share many happy memories.

13 or more TRUE answers:
- You have a solid relationship that will probably endure until both of you are toothless and incontinent.Fortunately,you'll still be so in love that neither of you will notice.
7 to 12 TRUE answers:
- This is pivotal time in your relationship.There are many strengths you can build upon,but there are also some weaknesses that need tending.It's time to put down that remote and get away for the weekend.
6 or fewer TRUE answers:
- You may be in danger of separation.If this scares you, you probably still value the relationship enough to try to save it.Honest talk is needed.

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