1 August 2008


Universal,data storage today is USB Flash drives first appeared at the commercial scale some time between late 1999 and early 2000.Before, it is classy to buy USB and it depends upon the brand with the increasing number of users the price mark down and several manufacturers claim that they invented the technology.But with so many brands we could care less.
So, they made up three pontetially useful USB thumb drive hacks.First,is to get protected simply install the software included in the pack after 15mins you have already a choice of using anti virus,thunderbird for securing your mails and democraKey for anonymous browsing.Another, interesting of this new invention is to make your USB as a portable MP3 player... to music lovers no need to worry about you can still take your favorite music along with you and play it wherever you find a free computer.easy to do simply follow all the steps in this site .
The third one , is locking down of files to make sure personal info doesn't get compromised .detailed procedure was found in this spot encryption page.

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