30 July 2008

Lonesome Birthday

I just try to write down a new post in my blog about tata's day.Today, is 25th birthday of Tata.A week before we have plan what to do in his birthday but eveything was not carry out. My time is occupied at work doing chart updates for our upcoming company audit.I had already overlook that july 30 is tata birthday because of busy day .My cousin didn't even forget about tata's birthday good that she remind me. Just a simple birthday greetings I could give him.and I go to work early for our pre-audit and tata too , so we didn't prepare anything and we extend our duty until 9pm.Last year, we celebrate his birthday in a restaurant and watch movie a date type because he is not yet my boyfriend .I know its tata's memorable day .
It is unjust for him because, In my birthday tata buy my favorite butter cake and since I am newly transfer in the house we and my friend who is also our neighbor celebrate my birthday..
Today, I see Tata's face gloomy .
anywayz, maybe I could make up next year ...

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