29 July 2008

at work

I have been busy at work for one day I didn't open my blog.Yesterday, Im thinking to write a new post but when I arrived home my eyes are already burning.so, I go to bed early and woke up early to do my laundry...This week is very hectic for me because of the upcoming statistical process control audit . Company event were everybody are busy updating there charts in machine or in process. I have already finished mine today, I oblige to render 24hours duty in the company just to finish my update. Maybe next, I could practice more to draw on JMP software and macromedia flash as well as charting.
It is challenge for me to be in a team ( old team n pixs) where we have to present charts to the managers and company bosses.I can reminisce my college days that if I feel nervous I have to forgot some important phrase to say .

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