26 July 2008

Mobile Internet

Since, I started blogging Im always keyed up to check my blog shout mix if there is someone dropping a message for me or xlinks . Im working in a night budge until the month of september and before I sleep in the morning I never missed to open my computer and do something in my blog.
Yesterday,I didn't write down anything . I keep myself busy adding widget and browsing blogs.
All blogs I have read are very interesting.I take a nap around 2pm already and woke up at 5pm.
When, I arrived at work my co-workmate chat me about opera mini installed in his mobile phone and now he can access internet where ever he is for free.It has a handly sensible internet speed connection .
When, Im not busy I scrounge his mobile for me to browse my blog.Colleagues was surprise about my blog.Im setting up next week to put in opera mini in my mobile :)

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