20 March 2010

Overnight in the Airport

Are you a traveller looking for a low-priced fare? I am not a traveller but I always prefer an economical fare regardless of time flight.If I get ticket for the oldest
(mother and father)I do not mind economical fare the important is the convenient time flight for them .lol.My trick to avail lowest fare is to book early.I always make sure that my master card has enough available balance so that I can get tickets online anytime.
This is my memorable picture in the Philippine Airlines terminal.I get a ticket with time flight at 4:30 am because of mark down fare.I forget I have still to travel 2 hours going to the airport.The passengers must be an hour before the flight.I really can't make it.The buses ,jeepneys are not 24hours awake in my town.I decided to go to the airport in the evening and spend whole night setting in the chair.I did not feel bored because there are lots of passenger that stay in the benches especially those who travel international flight.

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