5 September 2009

What Island is this?

I have a friend who is curious about the Maripipi Island because his boyfriend is my townsman.I told her that I came from Maripipi island so she keep asking me about how big and how far it is from Manila.I can't remember how many barangays is the island now.lol.I am not updated anymore in my hometown. The last time I talk to mother she told me that all the sitio ( a location which is a distant away from the center of the barangay itself ) was already separated as lonesome barangay.I believe the island is well organized now.It took 24hours to travel by bus from Manila while 8 hours if you gonna travel by plane from Manila to Tacloban city but it took three rides for you to reached the island by plane (Manila to Tacloban City),bus ( from Tacloban City to Naval) and motor pump boat (from Naval to Maripipi Island).whew!The trip is long hours but it has a lot of fun.why? because you will enjoy the beautiful beaches that surrounds the island while crossing from Naval to Maripipi.I gonna share some pictures how beautiful and peaceful is the island

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