6 September 2009

Pay your Bill Online

The electric bill in the house was already due date.I am not updated in the news that tomorrow is holiday in respect to the interment of Iglesia ni Kristo church leader.I go to the nearest "bayad center" if they accept a due date payment but their office was closed in sunday, bank also was closed.I return the money to cousin and told him that I forgot to pay last Friday so the bill was already due date . He enroll our electric billing account online in his ATM card.He pay online by using his money in the atm online account.This is quiet easier to pay.He receive a confirmation receipt via electronic mail from Meralco.I hope that no error or hang up in paying online..

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jenie said...

the magic of technology=)

i am here from my newest blog heartQUAKES for a tag i have for you. hope you can come and visit real soon.