4 September 2009

I Sneeze More

Last week, I am exhausted of having a long hours duty at work. I work 12hours sometimes 15hours a day in night shift schedule. I cannot sleep early or I wake up early because it is very hot.The past week I had only 4 hours or 3 hours sleep in a day.whew!I had always a runny nose.I drink plenty of water and juices.I also take medicine for cold because I do not want to be absent.This week is very terrible.I keep sneezing at work especially early in the morning.I feel tired of sneezing.I visit the doctor in company clinic.The doctor told me that I had an allergy maybe contributed in my environment at work of fumes or dust that is why I sneeze more.He give me medicine for allergy.I sneeze in the morning but not to much.Yesterday, the tool got a problem and we need to get some chemical samples for testing.I know that the chemical fumes is not good for me but I have no choice to skip.After I get a sample it's sneezing time.I sneeze more than ten times in the morning .I will go to the doctor again for check up and medication.


Anne said...

Hi! my son and hubby had an allergy too! and usually it attacks in the morning with a continues sneezing, they were prescribed with medicines. My friend advice me to try Fern-C...and thank God they seldom sneeze now. Fern-C has no overdoze u can take as many as u can depending on ur condition.

jenie said...

good morning ms sneezy=) hope you're feeling better today.

i myself have an allergy. with dust! would you believe that?! well, there's no place to hide for me...im in manila.