4 September 2009

Allowance in School

The cousin bring a carrot cake in the house.She ask me 200pesos for their contribution in school because they have an individual cooking activity.She is studying a culinary arts sponsored by TESDA.She has 60pesos allowance per day but it was given to them in weekly basis.I give her 250pesos for her fare and snack too.I was surprise she show me a chef gown when she arrived home.I told her last week not to buy a chef gown because I have no budget for our allowance.well, I cannot say "NO" but to give her allowance next week because she spend her allowance to buy a chef gown in school .This girl trick me.I told to sell what she cook in school in her next cooking activity so that she can save money.

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MelCole said...

Yeah. It's kinda hard sometimes to be misunderstood, sis. Ingana pud akong manghud. Nyway, followed you already, hope you'll follow my blog.