1 September 2009

I Receive an Unreadable Comments

I was pull out in my duty yesterday to finished all the stuff at work before the first week of September . My duty is from night shift to day shift.This is tough for me but I need things to be done on time.I arrived home late.The sun shines so hot.I drink a glass of fresh milk before I go to bed.I sleep two hours only.I wake up early in the afternoon. I am sweating . My dress is getting wet and uncomfortable.I cannot sleep back anymore.I decided to update my two more blogs.The Hapinoy and newbie blog "The Lifestyle" their are comments which I cannot figure out the message.I ask my good friend poray about those stuff.I am thinking that my blog has an error.The friend told me to delete those messages because those stuff are Spam.This is my first time to search out a message which is unreadable.I think those people have nothing to do good online in the internet.


chubskulit said...

sometimes those spam comments is associated with virus so be very careful..

jenie said...

i wish i know where those viruses come from...i had one!

i even deleted my ads thinking it might be coming from there.

anyways, will be linking you in this blog as well=) hope you link me back...