2 September 2009

I Got Problem in Printing a PDF File

I printed a PDF file in the computer.It is a form of passport application which I got from DFA website.I decided to print it before going to DFA in applying a passport.It takes time to fill up those personal information.I cannot preview the file.I adjust the paper size to 8.5x13 as the DFA standard paper size.I tick the print icon.But it did not work.The display message is" check usb printer connection" so I double check and everything was plug in properly.I think I had a problem in the PDF file but I had printed a PDF file before then it work easily.I got a tips online in printing a PDF .I try to follow those steps. I feel glad it work.

Here is the Tips in Printing a PDF file:
If it does not work printing directly as a document change it as image.
1.Open the PDF file in Acrobat
2.Chose File > Print
3.Click advance
4.Select Print as Image near the top of the dialog box
5.Click OK, then OK again to print.

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