9 June 2009

Power of Ginger

This very helpful to anyone who suffer travel sickness, morning sickness and hangovers.
If you travel a very far place nausea and travel sickness cannot escape especially if your body is not used to travel anymore.Here are some tips to feel good :

  • Drink up to five cups of ginger tea daily and sip while hot
  • Take the tea in a flask if you are traveling or chew crystallized ginger.
Note: do not take ginger in medicinal dose if you have peptic ulcer.

For morning sickness:

  • Make an infusion of ginger tea using half a tsp. of grated fresh ginger per cup of pure still water.
  • Infuse for at least five minutes.Sip small amount frequently throughout the day.
For Hangovers :
  • Drink ginger tea with lemon before going to bed and through the morning and day
  • You can also put ginger oil in your bath

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