13 June 2009

The Bayanihan

The bayanihan culture of Filipinos show hospitality, cooperation and teamwork.Last year, we have a very fruitful summer outing at work.The company treat us in the stunning beach place which has an Olympic pool size , nice seaside and great parlor games.We enjoy a lot of fun in the beach .The parlor games was participated by everybody and the two guest (gays) makes our day memorable.This summer we had a different treat.It's a bayanihan tradition ! The reason is company recession but still the management did not missed the yearly company celebration. We had a one day bayanihan affair.It is also a lot of fun.Everybody enjoy the "lechon" ,"barbecue" and native delicacies which everyone of us represent our region.We have stub for food and give aways. Bayanihan is also a good summer idea!

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