8 May 2009

Unwind Yourself

What do you do to unwind yourself?oh well, we have many styles to pamper ourselves. My fashion of relaxation is going to the mall.Since, today is economic crisis my budget is not for mall hopping anymore instead for basic needs.I decided to switch my style by watching a movie and reading pocketbooks at home.I exchange pocketbooks to the neighbor and friend.How about DVD movies?I found a site that is cheaper.It is a blockbuster store where all my favorites movies found. Find out why the site is blockbuster.I am sure you will be interested too.


Lindz said...

I like reading too, but i usually try to stay away from computer and watch DVD's.

reanaclaire said...

Oh, i went for a facial to unwind myself yesterday..it was great..haha..

chubskulit said...

Hi Yub, i have a lot of pocket books here, want some hehee..