13 May 2009


Are you looking a gift to a very special person? I remember special day, anniversaries, mother and fathers day so on.I always give present to a person close in my heart.I recently handed a bath towel for mother last mother's day.I personalized the towel.I chose a green color because it is her favorite tint.The monogrammed towel wrap has dotted pink border (show in picture).Mother is very happy! This towel wrap cost only 30 dollars which is not bad because the cloth is soft and comfy.If your searching a present for your kids a very nice children's die cut sticker will do.It is made of multicolored material that kids surely attract.You can also customized the text up to four lines.You can put your greeting , name and note or motto.The average size 2.5" x 2.5" is a perfect picture for a sticker.How about for your loved one's?oh well, I will recommend you a site for a personalized monogrammed coffee sleeves this is a unisex present and a good souvenier too.You can chose the design and color combination.The price is only 12 dollars .isn't it cheap? I buy coffee sleeves as a collection.


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