15 May 2009

The Oregano

I have a cough suffer for almost a month maybe because of weather changed.I get tired taking medicine.My throat itches and I am coughing all day.It's not my attitude to visit the doctor just for cough .The neighbor told me that Oregano ( in Tagalog) or Clavo ( in Visaya/Cebu) is good for cough.She handed me oregano leaves. She told me to extract and drink the juice every morning and before going to bed.For one week my cough disappear.Another, is decoction of two tablespoon of dried leaves to a pint of boiling water taken one hour before and after meal relieve my sore throat too.Thanks it help and save me in buying meds!


shaine said...

hi sis, ok nga yang oregano, herbs are natural remedies to heal ailments.
pagaling ka, ingat.

Magical herbs recipes

chubskulit said...

Maganda talaga yan sa ubo... Oregano is the english term for it too right? When I came to the States, that's when I've learned that its not only a medicinal plant but ginagamit din pala in cooking lol.. Palibhasa di ako nagluluto nun dyan sa PInas..

Tanks for the visit yub!

Lindz said...

okey nga yang oregano, I'd tried it before, lalo na fresh leaves... may tanim ako niyan noon eh, madali lang tumubo