26 April 2009

Trick Yourself in Saving

Saving money is not fun at first but once you make it a habit you will want more.right?I cannot save money from my salary.It is not enough until next payday.whew! The reason is my credit card debt.I am cashless shopper in a mall.I know this is not a good habit but I am tempted to get sale items every time I shop.Do you want to know what I did ? I save all my payout in blogging and pay all debt in my credit card.When, I get paid no more burden and worries keep on my mind.Every payday, I can set aside 500pesos for savings which is not bad to save 1000 pesos monthly.My trick is not to bring credit card when shopping.I list down my needs before I go to the mall.I realize that money is easy to spend but difficult to salt away if you will not track your expenses or define your needs and wants.

1 comment:

Lindz said...

hmmmnn oo nakakatempt talaga pag nasa shopping centre ka kahit sino naman eh hehehe... hindi lang ikaw ang naughty heehhe ako din ganon eh