23 January 2009


Yesterday,I was surprise the post man handed to me a letter & package in the house.The letter is my "house bill" , while the other one is the "Unclaimed Package".huh!
It was the package that I have send to USA last 2nd week of November 2008.(The addressee of the package is a private person in my life so I will not mention his name ).I am expecting that recipient will get the cards and some souvenirs in the Philippines before Christmas.I send it as a registered mail to secure that it will go through.The lady in the post office told me it will arrived two to three weeks.It is not bad the important is it will be delivered to the destination safely.I track on by mailing to the recipient after three weeks if my package arrive but it was not yet there.Second week of January 2009 ( almost two months) .He receive a notice from the post office about the package. Because of busy work schedule He won't be able to go to the post office immediately to get my package .I don't know how long it was kept in the US post office before it was send back to the Philippines.I was upset for failing my package to go through. I am expecting that recipient will be please of my hand made cards.Is there any courier that will provide a lead time ,day and date of their delivery ??? This kind of courier is best to my recipient although bit expensive.

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