25 January 2009

Plane Ticket Search

I am looking for the best cheap flight this summer( from Manila to Tacloban).The fare rate varies the day and time of flight.I pick dates from mid of April.The rate ranges from 1,250peso to 1,450peso (good domestic fare rate) but it is exclusive for tax and other miscellaneous plus terminal fee and insurance.If I will reserve a set additional pay of 100pes0 to 200pesos..mmmh.The trick here is to book early a month before the flight to avail a low fare rate.Two flight schedule was already fully book.wow! (early to get ready on summer vacation) ohhh...How I wish my schedule will be fix soon before the fare rate increase.

Travel Tip: For Cebu Pacific book on Tuesdays or Wednesdays for availability of low fares rate
For Philippine Airlines watch out their "calendar pricing" that displays lowest fare available over seven days range.( three days before-three days after your planned travel date you have to watch out the their fare rates display and decide quickly when it is most convenient and cheapest way to fly)

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