8 December 2008

Loan Application

Did you experience to follow up your loan for almost a month?If you asked me, "yes I did" . Last month, I apply a multi purpose loan in the company because I want to join in Philippine Stock buying.My workmate encourage me to join because her money gain already securely. My requirements are recent one month payslip and tax number.It took 3 weeks before my loan approved.It makes me sad because I am expecting that my approve loan will be greater than 10,000peso.The loan granted to me is 5,000peso only and it cannot afford to buy a 500 shares in the Philippine Stock.But, in unsecured funding source you can apply personal loans without documents.It is easy,simply log in the online application for 2 minutes .The maximum credit line they grant is 150,000dollars which is not bad.

After,I will get paid my company loan business financing is my next target to have a capital in joining commerce.The highest loanable amount is 250k .That would be enough for starting up a business.In a lending offices or bank you will need to sign documents and colateral as a proof you are responsible paying your debt.How about if you need the money soon?No need to worry.Just log in small business loans at unsecured funding all loans granted for just 48hours .No need to follow up and spend money for documents.Working capital is very important in starting up a business.But, make sure that your loan payment had great rates and affordable terms so don't hesitate to visit those sites above.



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