14 December 2008

Make Money Now

Blogger join different paid sites to earn and save money in blogging.But sometimes it is frustrating because some paid sites require high page rank,good traffic and audit your post if it did not pass their quality requirement you cannot receive a market place anymore which your earnings depend.I join blogging for almost six months, it is fun when I get paid in my writings.I had two blog which make me money.Don't you ask how much I earn? It is fifty dollars in all. I know some blogger get paid more than that in their blog.But, I am very happy that instead of hanging out in the mall during my day off now I make money at home.I am a member to a new paid site check this out make money blogging you can submit your blog here .This site approved my blog easily for only one day.I was surprise the quick process they had to review my blog . I thought it will count weeks like in other paid sites.

Another good thing for being a member in this site is they offer 15 dollars for referral payment by only posting the code in your blog. Isn't it fun?The payment will be credited directly to your pay pal account every first day of the month.There is a challenging part here as a blogger.The best post will receive an extra payout of twenty five dollars. wow! I wish my post will be the best one in a months to go. It makes me surprise if my fifty dollars will double.This could be a great help for me as a new blogger.

It is easy to join simply log in get paid to blog and fill up few information for your profile and finances.Get a code , copy and install to your blog by adding the code to blog template. Go back to the site and verify if your blog was successfully registered in the site.Once your blog approve you can check it out for market place offer.It is easy. Don't waste time be a member now!

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