28 December 2008

Blogger TesT

I am six months now in blogging. Sometimes it is frustrating in joining paid post specially if you have not given a chance for task or opportunity.isn't it? The challenging part is if you have two or more assignments in different paid sites given in week and approved your post easily.You earn money now! right ? How about if you have submitted your blog in a paid sites and disapproved it three times? This is my tough experienced in blogging aside from sleepless nights . At first, I get upset but I take it as a challenge. I know some blogger come across in this situation too. My first blog was approve but it was not given a chance anymore in the marketplace because it did not met the quality rank during the blog audit because of my grammar and writing style.This week I was surprise because my first blog was approve by another paid site after countless rejection mail.I feel happy now!

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ipv6 said...

6mth still consider young...
Gud luck then