23 October 2008

Eat to Quit Smoking

It is difficult to quit smoking specially if it is already your hobby,right?Alcoholic and caffeinated beverages was the favorite flavor enhancers of smokers. But, there are certain foods that can make easier to quit smoking like fruits,vegetables,juice and dairy products which will put them in worst taste .To quit smoking just do it slowly by drinking a lots of water and keep carrot sticks to disrupt your taste in smoking or sip a screwdriver or white Russian to avoid the urge to light up specially if you're out with the smoking gals.

1 comment:

maxi said...

very good tips here!

my boyfriend had been a smoker for 17 years. but when he met me, he stopped at once. i did not even asked him to do it. i have heart problems and becoming a passive smoker made my boyfriend quit his vice.

i think it also depends on the persuasion of the person. the person should have a good reason to stop smoking to keep him or her focused.

have a great day! hope you visit my blog again!