17 September 2008

Weight Reduction

There are various practices how to reduce weight.Aside from pills or other weight loss drugs,dieting also applied for but exercise is one important aspect of weight reduction.Physical activity helps maintain normal metabolism,control appetite and tone down muscles for a filter body after shedding off pounds.However, I want to share four basic principles on weight reduction:

1. Decide. determined and motivated that you will undergo weight loss regimen.

2.Prepare. set your mind to quit the habits that have led you to gain a lot of weight.Get ready for a change of lifestyle.

3.Act. balanced diet.eat wisely.never skip breakfast.a daily 30-minute vigorous exercise and quitting smoking must be included too.Increase your fruit and veggie intake.

4.Keep it up. maintain your weight once you have achieve your goal.There are some who goes back to her former lifestyle and taken for granted part of weight loss.

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