17 September 2008

A Ring !

I want to buy a diamond ring for mother as a gift this coming Christmas.Because, I remember during my college days she said "if get my pension I will buy a diamond ring" since, she have to priority her only daughter needs the ring was already out of budget.Now, its time for her to make up.I was at the jewelry shop yesterday looking for a ring with green stone because her favorite color is green.I have found one! I visited four jewelry shop but all I can say is " I am out of budget too".A real diamond is very precious ! My workmate give me an idea that most jewelry shop offer a lay away plan.It goes like this you will pay 20% up to 40% of the item price and the remaining amount will be paid monthly depend upon your choice how long you will pay and how much you pay every month but the item will be reserve for you.Once, you get paid they will already give you the item.

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