23 August 2008

Friend Visit

May,Poray,Bajie & Yub
We were four comrade since college(1997)Bajie,May,Poray and myself ( yUB).I feel glad that until now were still keeping in touch with each other except for May.I really misses her company and she is a good singer!I wish by chance she browse this blog and get in touch with us.For Bajie and Poray I am happy of what life's they have now(kid plus thoughtful husband).I am wishing I will not remain single until my age lapse at 30s hehehe....For almost two years I did not met Bajie since poray left Philippines time is too fast to count.We were just busy in many things. Especially Bajie had already a family.We keep in touch by mail and sometimes reminisce the slip up ; wickedness and funny things we have done during those days.I feel happy to see Bajie(center) again.She visit me by chance with her friend angel(left side) in the house.

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