20 March 2010

Unpaid Loan

I apply a Pag ibig loan a months ago.It is so strange that for the past months I could not hear any update.I doubt that there is a reason behind of the loan processing.I go to the Pag ibig office near my place to ask and verify my records.Everything was updated.I go home and started fixing my sundries at work.I remember I had previous loan.I try to find all my payslip two years ago.It is lucky that I always kept those papers in an envelop.I mark out that my previous loan was not deducted in my salary two years ago.I feel so upset! Who should I blame?
In my experienced loans neither SSS or Pag ibig was automatically deducted in the salary every month.I think I have also to blame myself in taking for granted this matter.I call the Pag ibig office to ask for advise.The customer service told me that it was not their fault that my loan was not deducted over a year.It is company's accounting fault! I hurriedly go to our accounting section.The girl told me it was not their fault because the Human Resources ( HR ) did not submit to them my voucher check.whew! It is really easy to point out.I feel stressed!It ended up my mistake.I have no choice but to pay the amortization bill for two years to clear my account. :-(

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