3 September 2009

Tear Free Technique in Dicing and Mincing Onion

A good technique make chopping onions quick ,easy and tear free kitchen job.
Here are four techniques in dicing and mincing of onions:

1.Use a sharp knife,halve the onion pole to pole.Lop off the tops of each half ,leaving the root end intact and peel the onion.

2.Make horizontal cuts,starting with the heel of the blade and carefully pulling the knife toward you without cutting through the root end.

3.Using the tip of the knife ,make several vertical cuts.Dragging the knife toward you and make sure to keep the tips against the board.

4.Slice across the lengthwise cuts using your knuckles as a guide for the knife while holding the onion with your fingertips.

NOTE: do not store onions in the refrigerator where their odors can permeate other foods.

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