15 September 2009

I'm Back

Hi guys and gals I miss you a lot.It's been two weeks that I did not open my blogsite.The reason is corrupted operating system of the computer.The pirated operating system installed did not last long .whew! I wanted to buy the original one but I do not have budget anymore.We borrowed an operating system from a close friend and re install programs.For the past days, I really miss my blogsite.I go to the internet cafe to check mails,blog and facebook.It is hard to connect in the internet.The internet cafe near the house has a very slow connection.I feel bored waiting to download the site.Now I am happy that the borrowed operating system from a friend work.I can blog and visit your site again.I am very thankful to those who visited my site and leave messages even if I am not around.

1 comment:

Lindz said...

hey what's up na? thanks for the update... welcome back