12 August 2009

I Finally Found a Guy Online

I feel bored today.I could not think any topic to post in my blog.I try to look names in the internet not just names but people who are my friends ,schoolmates and classmates before.I am interested to discern and communicate them. It is so grateful to keep in touch those people who have been a part of my life.I finally found my special someone profile which seldom keep in touch with me for a couple of months.mmmhhh..I am trying to find way to communicate him constantly because he is a good person !I browse my account in friendster.I have seen few friends that link in my account who was already married.I open my facebook account.It is easy to find people online in this site.I notice some of those familiar names have facebook account but no friendster like my ex boyfriend and special guy in my life.whew! They both like the upgraded one.Got his
profile and picture in facebook.Thanks facebook!

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Joops said...

I am happy for you!