6 June 2009

Cancelled Trip

We plan to unwind in Tagaytay this weekend.But, it seems that the weather does not go with us.The rain is heavy every afternoon and sometimes early in the morning.We decided to stay in the house and cook food.This is better than to spend time going to tagaytay which I know we will not enjoy because of the bad weather.We cook "biko" ;buy fish make "inihaw" and a bottle of red wine .Maybe, we will set again the schedule of visiting tagaytay.I don't want to missed the stunning place of picnic groove and view of taal lake.


Rosa said...

wow atleast kahit papano na enjoy nio pa rin yung bad weather:)


Ria said...

Bummer....well, once the weather is okay and you do take that Tagaytay trip, post some pics ok?

Have a nice Saturday sis!

Ria C
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