30 June 2009

Avoid Muscles Cramps

How often do you experience muscles cramps?I work six days a week for twelve hours if we have overtime.I suffer muscles cramps after work especially before going to bed when my legs are rest.The awful is it ruined my sleeping routine because I can't sleep early if my legs suffer the pain.Why we suffer muscles cramps?In our daily activities we need to sweat.right?If we sweat salt and electrolytes in our body losses.The fluid in the space between our muscles shrinks.As it shrinks the space between nerve to muscles connection becomes hyper sensitive.In this,we begin to get little twitches that can eventually evolve into full blown muscles cramps.How to avoid muscles cramps?Sometimes we didn't recognized that we sweat and losing fluids especially in cold room temperature.It is advise to take a drink every 15 minutes.To be sure you're consuming a right amount of fluids measure your personal sweat rate.How? Simply, weigh yourself before and after work or doing a work out.The amount of weight you lost is your sweat rate.You need to consume 20 to24 ounces of fluid for every pound of weight loss to replace both sweat and urine.try it!

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