8 May 2009

Secure your Home

Do you have nanny or house maid at home? I guess so.Especially both wife and husband are working.The time is not enough to take care the kids all day and do chores at home.Guys, Gals be cautious in choosing a house maid because not all people can be trusted.I will tell you a scenario of a crook housemaid.My aunt is looking a house girl,her good friend recommend one.The girl came from Manila and move in the province thru a friend too.She is in 20's and look nice. My aunt is not stress anymore doing households.The girl is hardworking and flexible.After, three months we notice the girl has caller in her mobile phone.They talked almost everyday at mid night.She told us she already missed her family and it is cheap to call at night because she is using all night call. So, we told her to take a nap at day time.My cousin arrived from US for vacation.She also notice the house girl unlimited night call and she was not convinced that she is chatting with family member.We just ignore it as long as she finished the household chores.It was first sunday of the month and cousin want to attend the first mass.We try to convinced the girl to go with us but she said she will attend the mass in the afternoon.We didn't forced her.She was left alone in the house.After, mass we go home to get things going to the Park.Unfortunately, the girl was not in the house.We ask the neighbor but they did not notice.My cousin go to her room in a big surprise all the things she packed from US was not there.We call aunt friend if the girl go back to them but she was not there.My cousin is asking a biodata or NBI clearance of the housegirl but aunt didn't ask for it because she is confident that she found an honest person.Anyway, we have pictures of the girl.I don't want to post it here maybe in some other way.This is a lesson if we have a newhelper we have to be secure by asking a biodata,Birthcertificate or NBI clearance so we have a clue where she came from.


chubskulit said...

It is really hard to find a helper that you could trust. That is why I prefered being home with my kids that being at work and worrying about them..

Lindz said...

oh my god, that's really bad