4 May 2009

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I tried to contact my cousin in Qatar so many times.It's been a long time that we did not get in touch with each other since my mobile phone lost.I search his name in friendster ,my space ,hello world,facebook etc. and even dating websites but I was disappointed.I can't remember his mobile number and address anymore.I am confident that he found a good job because he is patience and hardworking skilled guy.Until, one day I receive a message in my friendster.The message is from my cousin who is also looking for me.I was surprise because he has no friendster account!It is good that his workmate has friendster and convinced him to make an account.He had also a hard time looking my profile at first because I change my name in my friendster account that's why he couldn't search me.I updated my account months ago and uploaded some pictures.So, he finally found my profile and send me a message.Now, we keep in touch with each other already !


Ria said...

hi yub!
mahina ang opps ngayon eh. kahit nga socialsparks hindi na ako makakuha ng written opps. puro lng mga "pay-per-clicks" kind of ads. pero tuloy pa din ako sa writing kasi this is the reason why i blogged anyway.
about the EC, mas gumanda nga ang page rank ko when i removed that. at least i am not obliged to drop cards and visit my friends and other blogs na lng without any obligations.
i found my friends and other relatives through facebook and friendster. i think, these social networking sites are really great.

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Lindz said...

hi, isn't a wonder this internet, it could connect people who were separated for years, great to know that you are now in contact with your cousin.